Assign Issue To Group

This plugin is a Workflow post-function. It allows you to assign the issue back to the reporter if the reporter is a member of a specified group. If the reporter does not belong to that group, this issue will be assigned to the given “lead” of that group.

Troubleshooting / Extra information
To enable debug logging for the plugin, edit the file JIRA_HOME/atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/ and add the following line: = DEBUG, filelog

Older versions:

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  1. I have recompiled the latest plugin version due to a wrong JDK being used. Should be fixed now because i have compiled it using the JDK 1.4.2.

    Have fun.


  2. Hi!

    I suppose your plugin exactly is what I need. But I can’t understand – how to set group “lead” in JIRA?


  3. What can be the reason of that post function doesn’t work? I added function to my workflow scheme to resolved transition. But when developer resolves issue it is not reassigned to testers who reported this issue.

  4. What version of Jira are you using?

    The reporter must be a member of the group you specified in the settings of this workflow function.

    Maybe i can try to reproduce your situation. So please tell me what version you are using.

  5. Hi!

    Thank you for plugin!
    We are using your plugin and it was working good, but after JIRA update to 3.10.2 the following error appears in log:

    http-8080-Processor17 ERROR [jira.workflow.function.AssignIssueToGroupFunction]

    Can you advise something?


  6. I have rebuilded the sources locally against the new Jira version. Will try it first and later publish the new files here.

  7. New jar-file has been uploaded.

    # Build code against latest Jira codebase version 3.10
    # Added additional logging to the code. See Troubleshooting above on how to enable that.

    To use this plugin, be sure that the workflow uses this post-function and be sure that the workflow is assigned to the workflow scheme and the workflow scheme assigned to the project.
    As far as i know, a workflow cannot be edited when it is in use by a project. Copy the workflow first, make your changes and than reassigned the workflow to the workflow scheme.

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